Call for Papers

We invite papers of 4 pages (plus unlimited references) following the short paper ACL 2020 style templates available for LaTeX and Word at or on Overleaf.

Based on the workshop theme, topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • the analysis and annotation of discourse relations, be it related to frameworks such as RST, SDRT, or applications such as argumentation mining
  • the analysis and annotation of information structural concepts (Topic/Focus, Givenness, Questions under Discussion)
  • methodological issues, such as reflections on i) manual annotation, e.g., evaluating annotations schemes and the reliability of the annotation, ii) crowdsourcing annotation, potentially supporting the annotation of some aspects for larger data sets, and iii) the automatic labelling using computational approaches.
  • project descriptions and progress reports for research focused on or integrating discourse annotation
  • tools that support discourse annotation concepts and goals, including conceptual explorations of wishlists or tool specifications
  • research speaking to the gap between qualitative linguistic analysis and empirically broad analysis of ecologically valid data

While the presentation language at the workshop is English, we encourage research on a broad range of languages.


Submission are submitted electronically using EasyChair. Reviewing will be double blind, so obvious self-references should be avoided and acknowledgements should not be included. We will electronically publish proceedings with the accepted, final versions of the papers (in a form with a permanent URN making it citable).